I’ve mentioned here before that B and I are Board Gamers, and over the past few weeks we’ve managed to entice my Bro and Sis into the coolness that is Cranium Wow! Last Monday we gamed and lost…beginners luck for my Sis, I reckon. So last night we had a re-match. And lost again. Dammit. If you’ve never played this, you must. It’s awesome fun. Even when you loose. Twice.


  1. hi nell... i saw your comment on jaclyn's blog little paper trees, so i thought i'd come by and say hi from texas. :) i hope you are enjoying married life - i'm getting married two weeks from today! i'm so excited. and, about the board games - love them, too. balderdash and loaded questions are some of my favorites. cheers! lacey

  2. Hi Lacey! Yey for nearly being married - i'm so excited for you! Married life is awesome! Thanks for the board game tips too. We're always on the look out for new ones! xx