I’m now going to do something scary. I’m going to announce that I’m on a diet. Crazy, right? I mean, why on earth do I want to give up two chocolate bars a day and all the joy they bring? Tight jeans is why. A husband who’s at the gym at least three times a week and then at footie every Saturday morning, putting me to shame, is why. So I figured a good way to scare myself into stepping away from the chocolate is to announce it to you all and then each week update you on my progress. Yes. A scary thought.

To help me on my way I did something I’m pretty sure is the number one shopping rule you’re not meant to break. I bought a pair of trousers that are too tight. I can get them on and do them up, but they're seriously uncomfortably tight. Rules are there too be broken though, right? And these trousers are damn cool. So cool that the thought of fitting into them is providing me with some much-needed will power. I’m thinking with Converse or my brogues or even heels, in oh-so-cool Parisian way?

I don’t want to loose much and I’m not going crazy. But I think a bit of cutting down is a good plan. I’m determined, so wish me luck. I need it.

Oh, my first weigh in is next Friday. I need to tell you that, so I can’t chicken out and hope you all forget…


  1. good for you...i started making changes in my diet too...post wedding weight is no bueno.

  2. you can do it - i too am starting a healthy kick tomorrow so hopefully this challenge will inspire me to stick with it. by the way found your blog on 'Rummey Bears' (how adorable is that blog??) and I've just started my own blog recently to keep track of my daily doings and inspirations now that i'm living in Sydney! cheers x

  3. Good for you! I need to do this too! I know I should excercise and get out, but it's not happening, I do walk to school and back though and thats like an hour of walking twice a week...just not enough!