Our wedding was planned on a teeny budget and for what seems like forever we’ve spent any extra money before it was even earned. Now we’re good and married and looking to the future more clearly we’re on a mission to be debt free. OK so we’re not exactly in much debt, but it’s enough to hold off certain plans we have and we’d rather have the freedom to do such things when we want to rather than be dictated to by money, thank you very much.
So I’ve made a bit of a pact with myself to only buy things I a: see in a charity shop (which is one of my favourite ways to shop anyway, so that’s not too bad!) b: I’m in desperate need of (and I mean need. Not ‘want so much I’ve convinced myself I need it!’) or c: it’s just too much of a damn bargain to pass up.
In the last few months my boy and I (who also happens to love perusing a charity shop or two on a Saturday afternoon) have gathered some pretty awesome finds, so fingers crossed the bargain hunting luck continues and the savings stack up fast!

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