I love sewing projects. I’ve been taught to sew by my Mum, to knit (on pencils!) by my Nan, learnt bits myself along the way and took a creative fashion course for a bit of extra help. And I’ve managed to make scarves, tops and cushions galore. But with crafty wedding-related things taking over since Christmas it’s all taken a back seat. So I’ve cleared through the baskets of fabrics, buttons and wool and am ready to get started on another project. I’m really wanting to try out a quilt to mark the year of my marriage to that beautiful boy of mine, to pass down through the generations, so I think I’ll give that a try, largely inspired by the beautiful handmade quilts Kathryn over at Maggie and Sparrow creates; not that I have any delusions of mine being quite as amazing! Plus, having not knitted for a while, I want to start that again and have bought the perfect pattern for Christmas present ideas: hats, wrist-warmers, leg warmers and mittens. So dear family and friends - it’ll be knitted gifts galore this year :)

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