SCOTLAND: sunday

On Sunday, we decided to head to Loch Ard. It wasn't too far a drive from our house, and it looked absolutely beautiful when we researched it. There were several walks to choose from and we went with the 2.5 hour walk - which was maybe a little long for Coralie and her tiny legs. Especially when I had left the Ergo on our bed at home!

Still, we made sure we had plenty of snacks packed (our girls eat, eat, eat and healthy - plus a couple of treat - snacks are a must!)

It was such a breathtaking place. We had lunch next to the most beautiful little lake on the edge of the loch, where the water was so still the reflection from the surrounding trees was amazing, and the girls fell in love with a little mouse that was running around near the picnic area. We spotted birds and dragonflies, and saw so many little waterfalls. We ran into lots of dog walkers and the girls climbed every rock and tree they could.

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