SCOTLAND: saturday // inchcailloch

As the sun peaked through the clouds on Saturday, we got up, packed a picnic and headed out on our first Scottish adventure. I'd done lots of research on where to go while we were in the Highlands as we only had a few days and we wanted to know where to go and how to get there. We had hired a car and planned to see as much of our local area as possible.

We were only 20 minutes away from Loch Lomond and I had read about a beautiful nature reserve island, Inchcailloch, in the middle of the loch that you get to by boat. It sounded perfect for us (and the girls were excited about a boat trip too) and I can really recommend it. There are several walks you can take, but we decided on the summit walk, so we could view the surrounding highlands. It was really family friendly, and even Coralie walked the majority of the way. The walk itself is beautiful, and the view from the top was breathtaking. We ate our picnic as the mist fell across the hills and then headed back down and along the central path towards the shore.

Along the way the girls held as many beetles as they could find (they were amazing, with petrol blue tummies) and filled their pockets with the pine cones, pretty rocks, oak leaves and feathers they collected. We saw the most amazing tree that had fallen in a storm, and examined all the roots. Phiney especially thought it was incredible. We visited the ruins of an ancient church that had once stood on the island, and the girls were very happy to see so many dogs along our walk too!

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