SCOTLAND: friday

A few weeks ago we headed to Scotland on a very special trip. We got a bit of money after my Dad died, and going on an adventure was one of the things we decided to spend some of it on. My Dad had visited the Highlands a few years ago and he absolutely fell in love with it, and I knew the girls would love roaming free in the beautiful surroundings, so we decided to make it our destination. It was also our first holiday with just the four of us. We've always been away with family before, so it was extra special. It was also the perfect opportunity for the girl's first airplane trip - only about an hour from Bristol to Glasgow airport.

I think Phiney was most excited about the flight! She told everyone who'd listen that we were going on a plane, and we went through what the take off and landing would be like almost every day in the weeks before.

Coralie was as equally excited about getting a bus (we don't ever need to catch a bus!) from the car park to the terminal, so as soon as we arrived at Bristol Airport, both the girls were pretty excited, and they both LOVED the flight. Josephine loved when the plane sped down the run way before take-off and Coralie loved shouting 'ready, ready' as we were coming in to touch down. Our flight to Glasgow was incredibly cloudy, and we only broke through the clouds minutes before we landed, but our trip home was so clear, the girls spent the whole time looking out of the window and marvelling at the tiny world below.

When we arrived at our beautiful Airbnb cottage on Thursday, there was just enough time to head to the village and grab some fish and chips, before bed, and with the hugest pouring of rain on Friday, we hung out in our house lots, explored the grounds (we had bought waterproof everything, so were very prepared!) visited the Sea Life Centre on Loch Lomond and Ben went on a whiskey distillery tour and made his own unique brew (do they call it a brew with whiskey?!) It was a really lovely relaxing day and the girls loved exploring their Scottish home (and I loved taking photos there - it was so beautiful!)

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