Josephine is as obsessed with horses as ever (and Coralie too) especially after her ride when we were in Cornwall. My Auntie Jane looks after a horse, and had suggested bringing the girls along one morning to help her groom them and have a little ride. As you can imagine, the girls were pretty happy.

That morning, Phiney told me she didn't want to ride...I think she was excited and nervous and didn't quite know what to make of those emotions. I said that she should wait until we got there to see how she felt, and of course she instantly fell in love with Missy and wanted to ride as soon as she could.

As always, this parenting malarkey is a constant learning curve. Josephine can be quite sensitive and shy at times, and we've learnt that giving her some time to find her confidence (it mostly only takes her ten minutes) is the best way.

The girls both loved grooming Missy and Floyd, feeding them hay and carrots and finding poop to be cleaned away! Mostly though, they loved riding! Phiney rode the most, but Coralie was determined to have a go too, and rode behind Josephine for ages. There was always someone holding onto her (my cousin came too!) and she loooooved it.

We were laughing at how Josephine has this perfect rider's posture - that she could compete in dressage - and Coralie has this nonchalant, cowgirl-esque stance!!

I'm pretty sure horses are going to play a part in Josephine's future - and maybe Coralie's too!

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