A Sunday walk at the Royal Crescent in the sunshine a few weeks ago. Too many good photographs not to share :)

Sundays follow a lazy rhythm round these parts. The kind of rhythm we all love.

Ben has a lie-in (mine's on a Saturday!) so the girls and I eat breakfast and mooch around downstairs - I tidy and clean and sort and the girls play and make more mess (!!) then we make Daddy a cup of tea and go wake him up...normally by climbing all over him. Depending on the weather we pop to the allotment/park/supermarket or lie on the floor building train tracks and playing with the playmobil. We eat lunch (Ben's amazing scrambled eggs) Coralie goes down for a nap and Josephine enjoys some quiet time...watching her favourite film, drawing or playing with today's favourite toy. Then we head to meet my Mum and sister for a walk, while Ben catches up with my brother and brother in law (aka plays video games). We all head home for tea, a bubbly bath and an early night ahead of the new week.

Sundays are good.

Not sure why these pictures look so grainy...strange?!

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