NEW YEAR'S DAY: a little family walk

There's no better way to start the new year than a walk with the family, so that's just what we did. The weather was kind to us, but thank goodness for waterproofs and wellie boots as the mud was pretty spectacular! Much to Josephine's delight.

We walked and talked and I took a few photos. And I even handed the camera over to my sister, who captured some beautiful moments. I'm so happy I remembered to step in front of the camera - it only makes me more excited about our Capturing Motherhood series, and what portraits that project will inspire and produce.

It's so lovely to see Josephine, Coralie and my brother's two boys Tyler and Coby play together, and form such beautiful relationships. There's something so special about cousins. Josephine and Coby chatting and holding hands melts my heart and the picture of all four of them makes me so proud, as a Mama, auntie and member of our wonderful family.

As the cold wind got to us, we headed home, ate lunch, put Coralie down for a much needed nap, and then collapsed on the sofa with the last of the Christmas chocolates to watch Despicable Me 2 (again - it's a firm favourite in this house) I hope there are many more days like today to come this year.

I shot some videos too and hope to make them into a film over the next week, so check back for a link to that soon.

Hope you all had a lovely first day of 2016 xx

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