As another year fades away, it's inevitable we look back at all that has changed and all that has been over the last twelve months. And as Mothers, especially, it's a poignant time. To see how much our little ones have grown, to shake our heads in disbelief at how fast the time has gone. It's also when I feel most thankful for this little journal of mine; when I remember why it's so important to keep it going, keep on recording and keep taking photos of this moment in our lives. I can spend hours lost in the archives, and I know I will for years to come.

But as much as I love reflecting on what I've captured, I'm also reminded of what I've missed this year. Namely, me. Mama. Back in May, I wrote a post about getting myself in front of the camera more; documenting my presence here, giving our girls and myself pictures that will always be cherished. Looking back, I haven't stuck to my plan of being in the picture as much as I'd like, I'll admit; so often I just forget to hand over the camera.

It was when I was talking to my dear friend Polly about the lack of photographs of us both with our children and how we wanted to change that, that an idea formed and blossomed and we created Motherhood Captured, a monthly photography project.

On the last weekend of every month, we'll be posting at least one photograph of us with our children. We'll be in front of the lens, and we'll be giving ourselves the most beautiful gift; one we'll cherish forever. Some months there may be a perfectly imperfect portrait, and others there may be a series of natural shots of us and our babies, but every month there we will be. And at the end of 2016 we'll have at least 12 moments captured; moments in this journey of motherhood that we'll treasure always.

We would love for you to join us in this project and invite you to post your own photographs on your blog or on Instagram, using #motherhoodcaptured. Let's inspire each other, let's capture these beautiful days of motherhood together.

I adore this photograph my clever boy took of us a few days before Christmas, quickly snapped on our way to dinner at our best friend's house - thank you so much Ben. The way Josephine is squeezing my neck so tight, her head as close as can be to mine. Coralie snuggled on my lap (her favourite place right now) holding her own baby, Lara. My arms wrapped around my babies, as they always will be; my hands and heart full. The bright and happy smile on my face. Motherhood in that moment of time - all snuggled against the winter cold and filled with the excitement of Christmas - captured.

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