A few more gems from the last couple of months. I could chat with Josephine all day, she amazes and delights me with the things she says...

On sitting at the table and me passing her her lunch... "It's so nice in this café!"

"It's exhausting walking in the rain, isn't it Mama?"

"That's hilarious!" (All the time!)

Josephine: "Our old house fell down!"
Mama: "Oh no!"
Josephine: "Don't worry, we weren't in it, and I've built us a new one, the same - look! Do you like it?"

"This milk is 20p. What a bargain!"

"You're good at chopping Mama, because you are grown. And cool. And Daddy and Coralie are cool. And I am cool."

After I've been singing along to Jay Z and Alicia Keys 'New York' in the car... "Oh! I really like your singing Mama."

Mama: "What do you like most about our house?"
Josephine: "That we all live here together. And Buzz Lightyear."

"Look Mama! There's Florence. Oh, no, wait...she has a different face."

"When I do quiet trumps, Mama, it tickles my bottom and leg!"  


  1. Hahahahahahahahaha!!! Those last two are especially hilarious! and the photos are so gorgeous of my beautiful niecey! Love her SO much. I cannot wait to spend the week with you guys in 45 days!! xxxx

    1. 45 days?! Woooo! We can't wait too. She is hilarious, and beyond brilliant. Our conversations are the best. The last two up there are so funny. She told me the last one in the car and I nearly crashed laughing!! Xxx

  2. Lovely! So good to remember and record them all. I'm cherishing my time with Henry at the moment and our little chats one-on-one. Don't want the summer to go to fast and school to come too soon.

  3. The last one.... oh so so brilliant! xx