It's very rare to see my girls wearing pink. In fact I think the only pink in Josephine's wardrobe is her ballet uniform. I don't particularly like the colour (although the palest dusky pink is hard to resist) and I like to dress them in something a bit different, a step away from 'girly' pink. Of course, this has led to many 'oh, what's his name?' questions...even if they're wearing florals and once even when Josephine had a bow in her hair!!

So it was quite a surprise to realise they were both wearing pink last Friday. Coralie's white, pink and orange floral bloomers and her pink and white striped blouse were both Josephine's. I just love seeing her in all the sweet hand-me-downs.

We're going through a very 'hands-on' stage with Josephine. She's always trying to cuddle, hold hands, pull, push and pick up Coralie. It is (mostly!) done out of love, but poor old Coralie isn't always the biggest fan. That last picture pretty much sums it up; absolute joy for Josephine, not so much for Coralie!

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  1. Love that last photo. Josephine's face is amazing! xx