Ah, Bank Holidays - you really are awesome. Especially when it's not raining. A long weekend, impromptu picnics and walks and fun times with this little family of ours.

On Monday we decided to head off along the canal to Sydney Gardens for lunch and it was so much fun. Josephine walked for two hours with just a little pitstop to eat(although that was punctuated with sprints round the park between bites) and didn't complain once. There's always so much to see on a good walk; narrowboats and fluffly baby swans with their Mama and Daddy, trains and huge leaves that 'look like feathers', crazy dogs (Dalmatians!) and ducks.

You always know it's a been a fun-packed morning when you get home and both your children sleep for hours, and you have to wake them up!

Longing for more three-day weekends and, ultimately, our summer holiday in August where we'll have a week of such adventures. Cornwall is calling...

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  1. ahhhh beautiful pictures! 66 days til St.Ives! xxxx