On Saturday our tiny girl turned 10 months old and (I know I say this every month!) I can't believe where the time has gone. This month has been a big one for Coralie; she seems to have changed and grown up (sigh!) so much in just a few short weeks.

Overnight you figured out how to turn your half-crawl, half shuffle/turn into a full blown expert crawl, Coralie, and now there's no stopping you. You speed from place to place with such determination, so happy to have finally perfected a way to get where you want to go...and in the process get all the things you're not allowed. I'd forgotten how exhausting an age this was. I spend the majority of the day moving you away from the TV cabinet, where you likes to press every button and bash the TV with alarming force! Still, it's paying off and you're already paying more attention and listening when we say 'no, Coralie' to you (well, some of the time at least.)

You are also pulling yourself up at every surface, and now stand and move with only one hand steadying you. We've even seen a couple of 'no-hands' moments, but they only lasted a second or two. I'm pretty sure the next couple of weeks will see you standing without holding on, and then who knows...steps? Walking? How is this possible?! Of course, this doesn't come without it's hazards and we've had a few tears over some pretty savage falls. The worst is evident from that fading bruise on your forehead after a run in with the leg of our dining table...

Sweet Coralie, you get more adorable everyday. You now nod your head with such vigour and it's so hilarious and heart-melting that Daddy and I ask you questions all the time just to see it in motion. You also say 'da' if you want to get down (or out of your cot!), 'ta' and 'a-ou' for thank you, naa-naa if you want something to eat and have copied us so perfectly when we've said 'dog' to you (and 'Dora' to Auntie Dora...well, on one occasion at least. You don't seem too bothered about saying that again, despite her trying SO hard to get you to!) Your waves hello, goodbye and night night are so enthusiastic and if we praise you, or say hooray or well done to Josephine, you will clap and clap no matter where you are, even sitting down to do it if you're standing at the time.

There are still no teeth, despite the fact that we can now see 6 so clearly just under the surface. You like to play games more and more with Josephine, which she just loves. I think you two will have such fun times together as you get a bit older.

I think one of my favourite things you do right now is dance. Oh my, it is wonderful to see. So dedicated and full of joy. Dance parties with my girls are definitely one of the most fun parts of the day right now. And the hugs and kisses. Oh yeah, they're pretty delicious too. And how you pretend to talk on the phone - sometimes with just your hand, sometimes with your toys..."ea-oh...yeah, yeah...!!" Soooo cute!

It is so crazy to think that in a few weeks we'll be saying 'next month you'll be 1.' I truly am staggered that we're nearly at that milestone. Right now, I'm not even going to think about it. I'm just going to soak up every second of your being a baby. Our beautiful Coralie, how we adore you xxxxxxx

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  1. She sounds so fun (and so clever - so many words!), and is looking so grown up. (That bruise: ouch!) Her hair is really coming along, too. Coralie! Send some over to Clancy! Kellie xx