1. Eating crisps while waiting for the BBQ...a lovely way to spend time waiting for a certain little baby to show up :)
2. So much love, always
3. Our girl is here. Coralie Joe Mallia swam into the world at home late on Wednesday night, and has filled our hearts with happiness and love.
4. Monday morning snuggles :)
5. Coralie's first bath
6. Went on a little afternoon stroll with Josephine in the sunshine, and stopped for a yummy treat :)
7. Our girls, snuggled in bed with us this morning
8. While Josephine runs and jumps and plays, Coralie snoozes and snoozes in the warm breeze
9. First day of solo parenting after our babymoon, and while Coralie sleeps Josephine and I play
10. Coralie wearing the babygro my Dad and his girlfriend bought Josephine when she was born. I love these little connections to him, but at the same time they make me so sad and I've cried a lot today. So lucky to have my girls to share stories of him with, and to make me smile even at the saddest of times.

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