1. We spent the morning with best friends at such a happy place - the little airfield we visited a lot with my Dad. So many funny times - it's where i introduced Ben to my Dad all those years ago. We talked all about Dad and smiled so big. Always such a mix of emotions - such wonderful memories, but such sadness too. I miss him so much.
2. These girls will break hearts, no doubt. So sweet and so beautiful. Such a lovely pre-Christmas meet up, with two of our favourite ladies
3. Our poorly babe woke up from her nap this morning in a much happier mood...wiggled out of her sleeping bag, managed to unpop the poppers on her babygrow and get herself wedged sideways in the cot. She thought it was all very funny, and so did Josephine!
4. Her first trip to see Father Christmas
5. Today's trip was on a steam train, and Father Christmas visited us in our Hogwarts Express style compartment. I cannot tell you how much this little one adored every second of the train journey...still a bit wary of Father Christmas, but the train was a definite hit!
6. A day at the aquarium and hanging out with the man in her life. You can see how happy she is about him not being at work
7. Amazed by the fish
8. My Daddy's Christmas bouquet - a new tradition. A beautiful yellow rose for my Papa and a flower chosen by each of us. The pink rose for Josepine, the little pink roses for Coralie, the orange rose for Ben and the green for me. All together at Christmas, in flower form at least :) Such a happy bouquet
9. Christmas outfits are my favourite. Beautiful vintage and knee socks. So sweet
10. Gasp!! Trying to take a picture of these two not looking hilarious is pretty much impossible.

I've added the Insta-month features for the last 6 months too, if you'd like to see them, head here...catching up, bit by bit :)

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