1. Starting the festive season with lovely friends today. For me, Christmas never comes too early! Love these two, so cool. Such a fun morning
2. My Grandpa and Coralie
3. My Grandparents are always amazed by how much Coralie looks like my Dad, especially at the same age apparently. It bought my Grandma to tears more than once yesterday. But the girls soon had her smiling again; they're the best reminder that my Dad lives on in all of us.
4.First time on the swings today. I'm not sure who was more excited, Coralie or Josephine

5.  flower princess
6. Someone scored big at the charity shop today. She's a very happy bunny and loves her 'Buzz Lightnear' as she calls him! Now to find Woody and Jessie too...
7. Beautiful girl. Dressing her during the colder months is so much fun
8. Housmous on toast for lunch. She was pretty happy about it...
9. My little loves. There is no happier sound than them laughing together, at each other. I think these two will be great friends
10. Josephine and I couldn't stop kissing and squeezing Coralie when she was wearing her new Nanny-knitted bonnet. She looked that cute!

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