Finally posting Coralie's five month portrait. I took these photos a couple of weeks ago, but life right now is busy and time is zipping by like I've never known.

Better late than never though, I'm determined to keep the monthly portraits coming.

At five months our sweet Coralie has changed so much. She's sitting (mostly...some days she's really good, others she's all over the place!) and says 'Da' when she sees Ben. She's started doing this tiny little wave when we say hello and bye bye; she's started eating food. Avacado on wholemeal pita breads, banana porridge and spaghetti bolognaise being her current favourites. Oh, and yoghurt. The girl loves her yoghurt. Seeing her enjoy food as much as Josephine is a real joy. At some point I promise to write a post about our second journey into Baby Led Weaning. I'm so much more confident this time round and it really is so lovely to see our girls eating together and loving every mouthful.

Coralie still adores the water, and splashes her way through every bath time. She properly dances when she's in the door bouncer and Ben puts music on. It's so cute.

Her eyes light up when she sees Ben, and even in the middle of the night she cranes her head to see him in the dark. She gives me proper, big cuddles - arms round my neck, pulling me in - especially before I put her to bed. But mostly, mostly she is infatuated with her big sister. Josephine can make her chuckle a big, hearty chuckle, and it's the best sound. Coralie's gaze rarely leaves Josephine, and that girl is such a brilliant big sister. She talks to Coralie in a special voice and calls her 'little one'. These girls, we're so lucky.

During those first days after Coralie was born, I looked at our girls and wondered if they'd be like my sister and I when we were small. Me (just like Josephine) always on the go, pushing harder, impatient and Dora happy to sit and watch (things have changed a bit since then!) But I've been proved wrong. Coralie is so like Josephine. Shrieking with impatience at not being able to do things yet, always wanting to move; it's impossible to keep her still.

Our tiny little pixie. Making us all smile, everyday.


  1. So beautiful. Thank you for sharing your lovely girls! Also…avocado on pitta, yes please!! x

  2. She's just too cute! Kellie xx

  3. She looks like Grandpa in that last one! She is adorable!! I love my nieces soooo much! xxxx

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