1. Admiring my two year old's unique sense of style. This kid is so awesome.
2. Love this face to the stars and back; her 'why?' face! Questioning why the graffiti in the tunnel on the walk to the canal and been painted over. As always, no answer we could give would suffice!
3. My mama and Coralie, watching the hot air balloons this afternoon xx
4. One year ago today my Dad took Josephine and I to a sweet little farm where we looked at the animals, played in the park and ate yummy food. We laughed so much. It was the last time I saw him in person, he went to Australia 2 days later. Today Ben and I took the girls back there, talked all about Grandpa and had a lovely day. I can't believe it's been a year since I got a cuddle from my dad. I miss him so much, today and always. Love you Daddy xxxxx
5. Cousins :)
6. Coralie, by Josephine :)
7. Happy Mondays
8. Baby toes are hard to beat. So teeny, so cute
9. I love seeing Coralie in the clothes Josephine wore when she was
10. Some morning hand holding :)

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