I can't believe how late I am in posting this. I mean, Coralie is now closer to three months than two, but better late than never...these photos were taken the day after she turned two months, so that's close enough :)

It's crazy that she is already that old, has already grown so much.

Our beautiful Coralie Joe is such a delight. Always smiling, always happy, always so calm and sweet. She coos and ooohhs and aaahhhhs at you, engaging you with her eyes and making you feel as though she really understands what you're saying to her. Ridiculously, she's started trying to pull herself up when she's lying down or sitting in her chair. I remember Josephine doing the same thing...clearly Coralie is just as desperate to get up and play with Phiney, as Phiney is for Coralie to jump up and join in with the games.

The love between these little sisters is the sweetest thing to behold. Gosh, they adore each other.

On holiday she dipped her toes in the sea and didn't even flinch (despite it being ice cold and causing me to shriek a little!) and when Josephine gets a little over excited in the bath and Coralie gets a face full of water, well she doesn't mind one bit. A true water baby.

Every day she looks more like me, and more like my Dad. It can take my breath away. She pulls the same expressions as him and sometimes, it's like he's here with me. It amazes and comforts me how much he lives on in my children. It makes me so proud. 

Boy oh boy Coralie, your Grandpa would have loved you. With your little quiff and funny faces and your ability to trump the loudest! You make us smile so much and we adore you.  


  1. She's so squishy! I love how much she looks like Dad. No doubt she'll be as funny as him, like Phiney Bird is! xxxxx

    1. Definitely. Dad would have laughed so much at Phiney these days. She's grown up so much in the last 7 months and is even funnier! Oh, I would have loved to have seen them hang out and be funny together, it's one of the things I wish the most. And for dad to hold Coralie. Xxx

  2. He'll be watching over them both, their guardian angel. Probably encouraging them to say or do something silly and funny. You'll have to teach them to look out for signs from him. You're lucky to have Coralie around you all day, it must make you feel closer to Dad.xxx

  3. Oh Nell what beautiful babes you grow! Coralie is looking so healthy and bright. xx

  4. just gorgeous, such lovely little toes! x