Over the last couple of years, Josephine's room has grown as she has. And, when after Christmas, she moved into her 'big girl's bed', her room changed again. Not only did the cot get taken down and replaced with a secondhand steal of a bed (thanks eBay!) but we moved the sofa into the kitchen and created a huge play area for her. With a new baby on it's way we wanted to ensure a space downstairs where we could hang out more - Josephine in her room and me in the kitchen - so it made sense to create a second living space in the kitchen (more of which to come soon) and a bedroom with a playroom feel for Phiney. That way I can get on with doing the housework or feeding Coralie, without leaving Josephine with nothing much to do. 

The space left after we moved the sofa was huge, and allowed us really sort her toys out. We're pretty picky with her toys, and I make regular trips to the charity shop with gifted toys that just don't interest her. Still, after Christmas and her birthday, we were left with so SO many toys that she (and we) loved that we needed to get organised. These Ikea shelves are perfect for Josephine - the ideal height that allows her access to her things without Mama or Daddy's help, and a clearly dedicated place for each thing, ensuring tidying up is easier than ever. 

We're not bothered about how messy her room gets during the day - if she's having fun and is happily occupied, who cares about things covering her floor - but before nap time and bedtime, this Mama likes to have a place to put everything; and it makes engaging Josephine in the tidying up process much easier. 

Her books have been divided into those we read together (special books, older books and vintage books - because I can't bear to think they may get a little ruined!!) that still sit on the window sill and then books she loves to read herself that have a special cubby in the new shelving unit. Her toy basket has random bits in, the box is fill with Duplo and building blocks and the vintage house is easy to get to, as is the garage and her abacus. Her other toy boxes are now dedicated to puzzles, dressing up and teddies. Each with it's own box, each easy to access and clear away. 

The picture on the window sill of my Dad and Josephine is one of my favourite corners of this room. I completely love this picture, for so many reasons. I truly feel that my Dad is with Josephine, and all of us, the way he is here; holding her, and our, hands - looking over us, protecting us and walking alongside us, listening, whenever we need him. Josephine and I blow kisses to this picture all the time, and tell Grandpa how much we love and miss him, and cool he was :)

I'd spotted Josephine's bed a while ago and when my friend Amy bought one for her little boy Bertie, I fell in love with it. Before we made the trip to Ikea, I checked out eBay on the off chance there was a bargain to be had, and I found one for about a third of its original price. Score! For bedding, my Nan made the duvet and pillow cover from a vintage sheet I found and my Mum created this amazing quilt for Josephine for Christmas. It will sit on her bed always, and will be treasured forever. A true heirloom and so beautiful. 

Sweet postcards we decorated Josephine's room with before she was born have now made way for another washing line to hang paintings, pictures and postcards from her buddies on (idea stolen from here) and the huge painting above her door was created by Daddy and Phiney one rainy crafternoon; it's massive and awesome! 

Of course the arrival of her new kitchen has occupied a bit more space (again with a handy space for everything...anal Mama much?!) and her little vintage cradle and pram created a sweet little house for this little wannabe Mama. 

We all love this room. It's light, bright, fun and relaxed. And the perfect space for our little girl to grow.  

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  1. i love how bright her room is, lucky girl! x

  2. Oh such a lovely lovely space! All the personal touches, keepsakes, artwork... I love it! And have just embarked on a quilt in the same pattern :)

  3. What a gorgeous room ... and how amazing is your mum?! What a quilt! Kellie xx

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  5. It is everything you describe: light, bright, fun and relaxed. In my next house (we just sold for a move to France), I am going to embrace all the shades of white, as you have so masterfully done. Beautiful.