1. Josephine requested a swing in the garden for her 'guys' and so Daddy obliged, making one from an old beer box and some twine. We love that dude. 
2. In the midst of nesting, I discovered so many things that my beautiful Daddy gave me over the years. This inscription (my Dad never gave a book without one!) was in a book he gave me when I was about 4 years old. His scrawly, slanted writing is the best; his words so sweet. 
3. Pre-bedtime strolls with this dimple-cheeked girl are so fun. The best conversations are had and the warmer weather and lighter evenings are so good. 
4. On our way to a midwife appointment. I love that Ben and I get to share this pregnancy with Josephine - she's so excited about it all. 
5. My best friend had her baby, George, and he is delicious!
6. Getting bigger...
7. Spring sunshine means long socks instead of tights, and when they look that cute, that's only a good thing.
8. Little friends exploring the Botanical Gardens. Further along this path was a long tunnel created by entwined trees, which was like stepping into the 'deep dark wood' of The Gruffalo. Josephine and Edie then spotted a squirrel and their reaction was magical. Exploring the world with two year olds is the best. 
9. Vintage Barbies in vintage outfits. I don't know who loves these two 'ladies' (as Josephine calls them) more - me or Phiney. 
10. Jumping on the bed. Her new (not without risks) favourite activity. Love to see those ringlets bouncing, and so happy with her Mama-made bloomers. 


  1. Your pictures are so beautifully inspiring!

    1. Thank you so much :) a lovely thing to hear xx

  2. oh wow!! what an amazing and beautiful month xxx
    (just found your blog, its a lovely space)