1. Bare legs and the most delicious moccasins c/o Amy & Ivor. In love with all things grey right now. 
2. With my favourite girl in the Botanical Gardens, our special place to talk about my Dad. And the best place in the world to see inquisitive squirrels and birds.
3. Flashes of spring and warm, coat-free weather. 
4. With her boys on the slide in the meadow. Always fun to be had with these guys. 
5. Bike riding with Daddy after work, outside our house. The lighter evenings are so lovely. 
6. Exploring in her new yellow wellie boots. Raincoat c/o Joules.
7. This month marked three months since we lost our beautiful Papa. He is in my thoughts always, and I miss him desperately. Here we are with him c.1993 on the set of Return of the Native. His awesome job meant awesome ways of spending Saturdays as extras :) This photo was taken more than 20 years ago. He never aged a day, I swear. 
8. It has become a little tradition, that I plan to continue forever, to buy the brightest yellow blooms on a Friday, to mark another week since we lost my Dad. Tulips have become my favourites. 
9. It was Mother's Day this past weekend. I am so lucky and proud to call myself Josephine's Mama. She is the sweetest creature in the world. 
10. Me and my Mama c. 1984. Happy Mother's Day Mum, we all love you so much and appreciate every little thing you do for us xxx

I love Instagram. Kind of obsessed, actually. It's so quick and with a good camera app and VSCO filters some of my favourite photos are thanks to Instagram. And with life so busy, it's so easy. Sometimes I forget, or just can't be bothered,to take my DSLR with me. And so I'm going to start a monthly round-up of my best ten Instragram pictures at the beginning of each month. With life about to get a whole lot more busy (Baby is due THIS MONTH!!) these are set to become some of my favourite blog posts.


  1. Your Instagram feeds is deffo one of my favourites…and it's going I exponentially cuter with two little ones this month! My brother's baby is also due this month, yay for April babies! Xo

  2. Eeep typos. That should be *feed and *going to get

  3. So many lovely things here - done, felt, remembered. I love the flower tradition to honour our dad. Bless you x