Just popping in to wish you all a very happy Easter. While we're not religious, there's something I really love about this holiday; the promise of spring, the idea of new life, the long weekend and, of course, the chocolate. 

I always associate Easter with my Dad too, which this year makes it both harder and more special at the same time. We always used to see my Dad in the Easter holidays and he always bought us the craziest eggs (normally because he was so unorganised and was therefore always left with only the fancy ones to choose from!) plus one year he created the best ever Easter egg hunt. With a different hunt for all three of us, and cryptic rhyming clues leading you from one egg to the last, we each ended up with about 10 Easter eggs and enough Cadbury Creme Eggs to last us a year. It was so awesome, and I can't wait to try and replicate the brilliant job my Dad did when Josephine is older. 

We've seen nearly the whole family this week too, which is always manic but lovely, and yesterday spent the afternoon at my Dad's house with his girlfriend and my auntie. It makes me so sad to stand in the places I last saw my Dad, last cuddled him and last joked with him; but at the same time it is such a comfort to be surrounded by his things. To sit in his study and twang the strings on his guitars. I miss and love him so much. 

Today we spent the day at my Grandparent's house, where handmade treats were dished out, an Easter egg hunt ensured squeals of delight from all the children (despite the torrential rain moving it inside) and the most amazing Easter bonnets were worn, thanks to my Mum. Tomorrow's portrait of Josephine will show hers off in all it's glory. It's nothing less than spectacular. 

Up there is the little ceramic chicken my Grandma filled with chocolate eggs and gave us for Easter on Monday. For as long as I can remember my Grandma has had a (much larger) chicken called Henrietta on her dresser in the kitchen, that would treat us with yummy sweets and chocolates, and now we have our own little one too. She's sure to be busy over the coming weeks - dishing out all the lovely things Josephine received today...because if she ate it all in one go, I don't think she'd sleep for a week! 

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend, no matter what you've done. Here's to another bank holiday tomorrow and one more day with our favourite boy at home. Today marks just one week until our due date, so who knows what the next few days will bring...

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  1. Happy Easter to you all! I love that the little chicken feels like carrying on a traditiion but also rations the chocolate treats! x