For the last few months, Josephine has tried stealing any scooter she could get her hands on. She was a girl obsessed! After a shout out on FB for a secondhand one, our lovely friend Amy said that she had a pre-loved one going unused that we could have if we wanted. I think you have a best-friend for life now in Phiney, Amy - she absolutely adores it. Thank you so much!

Last week, after her new helmet arrived in the post and as the sun was setting, we took her outside to practice her scootering technique. She's a thrill seeker this one, for sure, and there's no stopping her now...


  1. Ahhh - go Phiney! I remember Coco stealing scooters at the playground before she could even see over the handles, she is a thrill seeker too (and has now graduated to her skateboard). Lovely photos as always... are you using Lightroom? I seem to remember you have it.

    1. Thanks Alexis! Not using Lightroom yet - one of those things I keep meaning to buy and figure out how to use. VSCO too. Soon, hopefully! xxx

  2. Just saw this now - she looks so happy on it! So glad it's gone to a good home! Go Phiney go! xx