On January 18, our girl turned two. Despite everything, we decided to go ahead and have a little party for her. It felt right to have all our family and friends together, and my Dad wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

I can hardly believe Josephine is already 'two years old' as she'll happily tell everyone. It seems only yesterday we bought her home, so tiny and new. And now here we are, getting ready to bring home another addition to our little family.

Josephine, our beautiful girl, we are so proud to call you our daughter. You light up the world around you, even at the darkest of times, and you bring happiness when it feels like there is none to be found. You are funny, so so funny, and clever, and you astound me hundred times a day.

You are such a copy-cat right now. Always saying and doing the same as those around you. Yesterday morning, as we cleaned our teeth, you stood at the sink holding back your hair as I do. The sweetness slays me.

You're asking what, why, where and how questions all. day. long.

"What you doing?"
"Where you going?"
"What you seeing?"
"How you feeling?"

And, over these last few weeks, you ask me with your little head tilted to one side, "you sad Mama?" When I answer yes, you give the best cuddles. Squeezing with all your might. So much love to give.

Right now we wonder if you'll be a engineer or architect. You love nothing more than playing with a calculator, building towers and cars with Duplo and if we drive through a tunnel it makes your day. In fact we've spent many a journey then pretending to drive through more tunnels. But then again, maybe an astronaut. You love to look at the moon, so much, even braving the icy air when Daddy puts the bins out at night, to see a glimpse of it.

You want 'dancing' (music) on all the time, and watching you rock out in your chair at the table while you eat is amazing. You close your eyes and let the music take you.

You're so excited about becoming a big sister. Always talking to Baby and wanting to feel it move. Asking to do this and that with it when it arrives; pushing it on the swing being the thing you seem most excited about.

You're the bravest kiddo I know, the most beautiful and the kindest. We learn more about you and the person you're becoming everyday, and we learn more about how to be better people from you.

Happiest of birthdays Josephine, may your year be filled with the best adventures. We adore you, love Mama and Daddy xxx


  1. Perfect :') Happy Birthday Josephine! xxx

  2. What a beautiful post and the photos are absolutely stunning. What a little cutie. Happy birthday to your little lady x

  3. Beautiful photos - her happiness is infectious. Toddlers have this magical knack of providing smiles and distraction don't they? xx

  4. what a lovely post and beautiful photos too! x

  5. Lovely, and I want to steal her outfit !! xxx