Second time around, the list of baby essentials is very different to when we were pregnant with Josephine. We have the pram, cot, reusable nappies and hoards of white babygros. Second time around, I feel the list is a little more frivolous; things we really want, not just need. And over the next few months I'll be revealing my top baby essentials, from big buys to vintage goodness.

Today, it's all about my current favourite piece of baby clothing...the romper. While I was pregnant with Josephine, due in the depths of a very cold and snowy winter, it was all about knits; jumpers, cardigans, leggings and dungarees. Baby number two is due in the midst of spring, so light cotton rompers and bloomers are topping my list of must haves. These vintage beauties are treasures found on eBay and at The Apple Bopper, one of my favourite Etsy stores - so many sweet rompers on offer, as well as a whole bunch of other goodies. 

I've also found a vintage pattern to start whipping up a few of my own. I'm determined to make more of Josephine and Baby's clothes this year, and I love Talia's In Stitches project for 2014 and hope to take part as much as I can. 

As we sit here, freezing cold and wrapped in a hundred layers of knits, the thought of summer time, my babies in the garden and tiny rompers are making this Mama pretty happy. 

ps. Happy Valentine's Day to you all. Hope it's filled with a whole lot of love xx

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