A few weeks ago, Josephine and Ben got messy in the bathroom (our painting room of choice...it's huge and has easy to wipe clean laminate floors!) and created some amazing pieces of artwork. One is hanging in her bedroom and the other is still taped to our living room wall while we find a frame big enough to house it forever.

Phiney got so many amazing crafty bits and bobs for Christmas and her birthday, she created this piece using some foam stamps and to begin with we just loved the colours. Then, after we taped it to the wall, we realised it looked like a tree on the left. A few days later, it occurred to us that the bit on the right hand side looked remarkably like a man and woman, flying away from the tree; her wearing a bonnet with a trailing skirt, and him in a suit, both wearing sunglasses. Fairies, in the forest; Titania and Oberon.

Can you see it? I hope so! It's such an amazing piece. We will cherish it forever.


  1. Oh Nell yes! yes! I see it too :) beautiful! I love how Reu is taking to art making more and more these days as well.

  2. Awww it's beautiful. She's an artistic genius like her auntie Dora! haha.xxx

  3. I was given some advice a few weeks ago at an art class to photograph my favourites of Molly's paintings as over time they fade away. This is lovely and would look amazing in a huuuge frame xx