1/52 + 2/52

A few months back, I had wondered how I would continue The 52 Project in the new year. Knowing I wanted to, especially with Baby on its way, but pondering over a different angle to 2013's photographs. I quickly realised that so many times during the year, I had beautiful portraits of Josephine with the most special people in our lives that I had felt unable to use, and that maybe this would offer the opportunity to pull out the camera and capture the wondrous relationships Phiney has with so many people; friends and family, young and old. 

Over these past weeks, I have looked so many times at these photographs, so thankful for the wisdom to grab my camera and start snapping away at what I knew were such special moments between a Grandpa and his Granddaughter, while never knowing just how special. Today, these photographs mean the world to me and they will be cherished forever. 

I want photographs like this of all the fantastic people that make Josephine's life so awesome, and 2014's 52 Project seems like the ideal opportunity to keep it up, keep on clicking away, and keep on capturing the magic. 

"A portrait of Josephine, once a week every week in 2014".

1/52: My loves. The strength these two have given me over the last few weeks has been astonishing. I couldn't have made it this far without them. And to have the honour of watching their love and friendship grow, day by day, is more beautiful now than ever before. I know the happiness of being a Daddy's girl, and I can see it in Josephine's eyes too. Sunday mornings in bed are our favourite time of the week. 

2/52: Hanging out with two of her best boys, Ari and Oliver, at Ari's second birthday party on Sunday. They've known each other practically their whole lives, and are so happy when they're together. What more do you need than good friends, a stairgate to hang off and a raspberry blowing session when you're two years old?

Taking part in Jodi's 52 Project.

ps. thank you all for the sweet messages and emails over these hardest of days. Your words mean so much, as always. xx


  1. That photo of Phiney and Ben is so beautiful, Nell. Such a lovely idea what you're doing, and all the more meaningful now, too. Kellie xx

  2. Oh Nell, such true words. I look forward to another year of your 52 project photos. I continue to keep you in my thoughts at this difficult time for you and your family.