HOMEMADE CHRISTMAS: one week to go

This time next week, Christmas Day will be coming to an end. We'll be sat on the sofa, looking through all our lovely presents, tummies full of the most delicious food. But with one week to go, there's still plenty of festive fun to be had. Over the last month or so, Josephine, Ben and I have been putting our hands to some Christmas crafting and I thought I'd share some of the best in case you're looking for some quick, easy and cheap ideas to do with the children. Or, just by yourself! 

What did we do before Pinterest? Both the hand print Christmas tree posters and finger print Christmas tree cards were inspired by the site and have both been greatly received; by both Josephine and our friends and family. The silver bells (cut up egg boxes, wrapped in foil and threaded with ribbon) is a must-do for all infant schoolers in the UK and I remember making them when I was small. It's wonderful to have our first Phiney-made decoration on the tree and I can't wait to see what the coming years will add to the stash. 

The Father Christmas face cards were Ben's idea, and were completed while Mama was spoiled to a lovely long lie-in recently. Ben used pieces of scrap felt and cotton wool and Phiney did all the gluing and sticking. Those Santa faces are the cutest I've seen this year.

Ben and Josephine also created the sweet little tree for her doll's house. They collected some fern from the green in front of our house and, after Ben fashioned a base from this and that, they adorned it with tiny sprigs of flowers from the garden, brightly coloured strands of wool and a little star sticker for the top. 

Finally, the best Christmas craft, and one every age can have fun with (if you don't have a nearly-two year old in the mix think rows of triangle potato stamps or polka dots in neon) is stamping your own wrapping paper. Josephine and I collected huge leaves in the park one day and, after we dried them out, we smothered them in poster paints and stamped them on lengths of craft paper I found from Ikea. Ben also cut holly leaves and star stamps from potatoes for a particularly festive design. We've wrapped up as many presents as we can using our own paper, all tied with pretty ribbons from Mama's ribbon jars, and we think they look pretty darn good. 

What have been your favourite Christmas crafts this year? 


  1. Ooo some lovely ideas Nell! Thank you! We have mostly been doing food related craft this year...making food for the reindeer (oats, glitter and sprinkles), baking salt dough tree ornaments and creating cookie mix jars for preschool teachers and friends. Merry Christmas to you xxx

  2. Love the Father Christmas felt cards - nicking that idea for next year, thanks Ben! You've made so many lovely things - lucky lucky recipients! We've made star-print potato stamped wrapping paper, painted tree cards and will be making some more cornflour clay decorations tomorrow. Toddler Christmas crafts are such a fun part of the festivities! xx