three / 52

three favourites from The 52 Project. Linking up with Jodi.

10/52: our girl is such a happy being. So full of joy and wonder and (nearly) always with a smile on her face. This capture sums up so much of her beautiful character.
17/52: she really is the coolest. This portrait says it all. 
22/52: This is Ben's favourite picture of her, ever. It's the capture he has framed on his desk at work. So happy in the garden, so happy wearing a hat. 

Ben and I loved looking back over the last 26 portraits to choose our favourite three. It's crazy how much Josephine has changed since her first portrait back in 
January, before she even turned one. This year has zipped by so fast it's sometimes easy to forget how different she was back then; how much she's learnt in six months and how much her beautiful, sweet, hilarious personality has developed. 

I'm so pleased we're taking part in this wonderful project. Josephine's second year has been such an amazing one, it's a lovely gift to have these moments in time captured to remember always. 


  1. Oh Nell, she is so beautiful. It is terrifying how quickly our girls are growing up, Jodi's project is a wonderful way of ensuring we capture those precious moments along the way.

  2. So much joy, so much cool, and so much beauty. Three lovely captures!

  3. such a happy beautiful little girl, she is growing up so quickly!

  4. I'm slain by her cuteness. For reals, that toothy grin is incredible.

  5. Amazing photography! Wish I had your "eye" when taking pics of all of our children.
    ~ Spark

    1. You have no idea how much that means to me, thank you so much xx