Little girl's first ponytail. 

The rain poured outside and we sat on the bed chatting and lounging and messing about. I played with her hair, as I so often do, and for the first time managed to pull it up into a ponytail. Josephine looked in the mirror with delight. Half recognising herself, half confused. 

Looking very grown up suddenly. 

With that wild hair tied back, you can really see her beauty. Those lips, those eyes. She belongs to a different time, so regal. 

ps. as someone with sticky-out ears, I am reveling in how beautifully flat to her head Phiney's ears are!


  1. What a cutie!! I remember the first day I pulled Everly's hair into a ponytail, too. And I also took a photo to remember it! :)

  2. How cute! And yes, I'd love her ears too :)

  3. Ahhh little Phiney! I bet she's wishing you tried this when it was really hot!
    She looks like you in the last two! Xxx

  4. She is absolutely beautiful! I love her curly hair! It reminds me so much of my daughter's hair.