PICKING POSIES: nature in the home

This morning, Josephine and I spent almost an hour sitting in the garden, soaking up the spring sunshine and picking little bunches of these beautiful tiny flowers. A burst of April showers forced us inside, but we bought our posies with us to fill vases round the house. I'm pretty sure these are weeds, but Josephine and I still think they're rather lovely. 

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  1. So delicate! I love the green bottles too x

  2. Oh, a teeny tiny posy of all things delightful!
    (I don't think they are weeds, surely not, but doesn't matter anyway! Way too pretty to be yukky weeds!)
    Just gorgeous x

  3. Beautiful! I think weeds sometimes have the nicest flowers x

  4. Nell this is the most beautiful image.. so soft and delicate. I love it all the more knowing that Phiney picked them too! x

  5. I think we have those weeds too, and I love their tiny delicate flowers as well.


  6. Just added my nature in the home link and spotted you've got the same weeds as me! Be interesting to see how long they last indoors :)