EASTER HOLIDAYS: fun in the garden

After a busy weekend, we've spent our Easter Monday pottering around the house and garden, with Josephine and Ben planting a few seeds ready for spring. They have been inseparable since Friday when Ben's holiday from work began. Two peas in a pod.


  1. Oh what a darling! In her waterproof dungees!!! x

  2. I love her diddy waders! Looks like great fun! xxx

  3. Her outfit is adorable. I want to cuddle her!! ha ha. Your photos are just getting better and better Nell.
    Happy Easter to you guys.

  4. great to see her still rocking that hat so well! Glad you had a lovely Easter. Tom is off too, isn't it SO lovely to have the dads at home? We should meet up soon x

  5. I'm having a bit of a chuckle at what you guys have to dress a baby in to get outside! Happy Easter lovely people. Kellie xx

    1. Oh I know Kellie, it's ridiculous, isn't it! I can't wait for warmerdays when we can just run outside, no need for 25 layers! Happy Easter to you all too xx

  6. My littlest loves to help with the watering can. Not much use now, but I'm hoping he'll still have the same enthusiasm come summer (if it ever comes...). Lovely photos.

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