RAINY DAYS: bird watching

It has rained here, consistently for about 24 hours. And it's cold. And windy. Spring, where are you? 

Right now Josephine is obsessed with birdsong and trees. In this horrid weather we spend so much of day stood at these windows. Phiney loves to watch the trees sway in the wind, listen to the birds sing and get very excited when one lands in the garden. When a wood pigeon swept down from the wall the other day, she almost jumped out of my arms. 

It's awesome to see the world through Josephine's eyes. To witness the joy she finds in new discoveries. Everyday with this girl is a reminder to see the wonder and beauty in the small things. 


  1. really gorgeous photos, Nell! What a cutie xx

    1. Thank you Claire, that means a lot coming from you :) x

  2. Oh yes I love watching the world through small eyes too, it's like that Patsy Cline song...

  3. What a beautifully captured moment Nell! She is so gorgeous and I have loved watching her grow. Those overalls are pretty darn cute too! Hope Spring finds you soon. Xx

  4. What beautiful windows you have Nell, I remember when Asa was her age we did sing and sign together, we were in the garden and he signed "dog" as we heard a dog barking, amazing the start of communication is joyous xx

  5. Such beautiful photos, Nell! I hope Spring finds you soon. Kellie xx

  6. Such a gorgeous neighbourhood watch!


  7. I know, where the hell is Spring?! It's still snowing here!
    Boy, that girl is delish! xx

  8. I LOVE me a good photo of a baby in front of a window! :) Sweetest. And such lovely windows I should add!