PARK LIFE: t-bars


On Monday my Mum and I set off to buy Josephine her first pair of proper shoes. Boy oh boy is that a harder task than it should be. Firstly, the reason it's taken so long to buy them is because she has teeny feet and they just didn't make any shoes to fit them. So wellies it was. And that was fine, until the sun started shining and she decided that she really only wanted walk everywhere

Then there's the fact that unless you want pink shoes plastered with butterflies and flowers you're, well, screwed. Seriously. Thankfully Startrite stocked some English Classics that were glitter free and our local store actually had some to fit Phiney's little fat feet. 

And finally....bloody hell they're expensive! Thank goodness for Nannies who want to buy their granddaughter's first shoes ;) 
Yesterday as the spring sunshine shone down, Josephine and I took her new shoes for a test drive at the park. To say that she loves these shoes is an understatement. She must have stopped and looked at her feet about 15 times. It was the sweetest thing. 

PARK LIFE: wellies


  1. we got Wilf measured for the first time last week..Clarks shoes are pretty obvious aren't they! Pink glitter for girls and car detail chunky/flashing lights for boys! We do have some clarks we got as hand me downs which happen to be in his exact size for now..but they need new shoes in 6 weeks?! waa? Josephine's look lovely! xx

  2. Oooooh SO cute!!! We went to Clarks and they were £30-40!! So we bought her some high top converse instead and they stayed on well and with my student discount aren't too expensive. Gender neutral too which is a plus if we have another babe. We're planning on getting her some more vans as well this summer and some Zara sandals for the heat. Next do cheap shoes, though I can't tell you how well they fit I've only bought hunters for her from there. I bet you could find start right and clarks shoes on ebay
    I need to get Molly a bonnet, Phiney looks soo cute! xx

    1. We have some second hand hi-tops in the next size up so hoping we won't need to buy any new shoes for a while...and then it's summer and sandal time (hopefully!) xx

  3. They're lovely! I love startrite shoes! we bought them for Bug (well, my mam bought them!) According to her, Prince William had Startrite shoes when he was little, so if it's good enough for Royalty!...

  4. I truly and honestly wish I could have both the hat and the shoes!

  5. my boys and i went a few weeks age, 2 new pairs of shoes, goodbye £80!!!!!

  6. Oh gosh yes - the price is a killer! I'm ashamed to admit that I spend more on Sassy's shoes than mine!...Lovely little shoes you found though x
    ps. your photos are reminding me I need to buy a little knit hat for Sass in preparation for our cooler weather. Oh boo! The end of summer. Glad you are seeing sweet signs of Spring x

  7. oh yes...so much to say and share about girl's shoes!! phinney's look marvellous. a good choice but ouch the prices are crazy aren't they?? i am pleased that elsa's feet have actually stopped growing for the past 5 months...i just got her re-measured and no change. phew!

    zara do some lovely girl's styles. it's always eye-roll time when i step in to clarks and see all the pink glittery-ness. sigh i do wish they'd think out of the box sometimes. but having said that last year i bought a truly gorgeous pair for elsa there that were navy and cream patent mary-janes. and i see they are doing some cute desert boots this season so must give them a little thumbs up.

    trouble is they end up needing more than one pair...

    lovely photos (as always nell) and i adore that springtime yellow hat (is it a home-knit?) gorgeous!

    happy thursday xx

  8. Hi Kelly :) the hat is Dover and Madden and so gorgeous :) I'll be sure to check out Zara in the future - I love their kid's clothes xx

  9. those shoes are amazing! I'm sure I had a pair just like them when I was little!

  10. Thank god for startrite english classics. Check out Trotters website as well. I have the same issue, 7y later with daughter number2. I hate pink shoes and appliques with a passion. La redoute and Verbaudet offer some classic alternatives, M&S walkmates, Mothercare Little Bird (£15). Can you tell I've done some research ;)?