EASTER HOLIDAYS: hoping for spring

Today our Easter holiday started. No fancy trips away or extravagant excursions planned; just me, the boy and our little bird hanging out together. All day, every day, for ten blissful days. 

We all need this break. Ben needs a rest from work, I need a little me time (aka a couple of lie-ins!) and Phiney wants 24 hour distraction from the blasted teeth that just need to pop through already. Which largely comes in the form of sticking to her Papa like glue. This afternoon she happily followed him around the garden, digging and carrying tools where she could, watching the birds and kicking her ball.   

Over the coming week, after Easter celebrations have passed and I've eaten my weight in chocolate, we have little adventures planned and I would love it if spring decided to join us. I want to feel the warm sunshine on my face if you don't mind Mother Nature. 

I hope you all have a lovely Easter break and get the chance to eat plenty of sweet treats :)

Josephine, as you can see, has decided to rock her/papa's sunglasses whether there's sunshine or not this week, rarely taking them off over the last few days. She's too cool for school, this one. 


  1. Hey a beautiful rest Nell, I hope you get that extra sleep, you deserve it.

    Make sure you have pancakes for breakfast AND dinner at least once

    xo em

  2. Adorable images, Nell. I hope the sun comes out for you - wishing you a wonderful Easter weekend, with plenty of love & laughter.

    Sar xx

  3. She just gets more beautiful! I'm hoping for a bit of sun too! I'm taking my fiancé to Cornwall for the first time and really don't want him to see it in the freezing cold! Happy Easter! xxx