BITS + PIECES: snowed in

The on-pour of snow last week meant travelling too far from home during the last few days has been tricky, so we've been tucked up indoors with only the occasional (and rather slippery) trip to the park and shops. 

1. Pyjama days were a must, as were super soft and snugly knits. 
2. Yummy lunches of cheese, Marmite on toast and left over frittata with banana and blueberries for pudding. Eaten from the very cool plates and dishes Josephine received for her birthday.
3. Farewell dear Converse. You have served me well over the years but I can no longer ignore your huge holes, that ensure my feet get drenched every time it rains, and the fact that the torn up rubber inside has made holes in every pair of socks I own. 
4. Snowy days indoors call for sorting and nearly-spring cleaning; the re-discovery of lost jewels and finding the perfect use for the little bowl my Mum gave me at Christmas.
5. If I have a quiet five minutes, you can find me devouring this book. Sent to me by my sweet friend Carine, it is an inspiration. I feel sure I will be writing more about it here in the near future. 


  1. Snowed in days are sometimes annoying but sometime they are just what you need to take a moment to be quiet and eat left-over frittata!

  2. love your bits and pieces all the way on the other side of the globe!

    xo em

  3. Oh what a beautiful portrait. Bath or Bristol was a place we were considering moving to (from London) but we've ended up on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia! Oh and I dip in and out of that book quite often when I need some help. The next one (called Buddhism for Mothers with Lingering Questions) is also very good too. I look forward to reading your insights when you post them. Lovely to come across your blog. x

  4. This reminds me of our week not long ago where we had 40-45 degree days - so stiflingly hot we couldn't leave the house. It makes the return to exploring outside all that much sweeter! Buddhism for Mothers was a savior for me in the early months. I really must get it out again for a refresher course!