MONTHLY PORTRAIT: ten (and a half) months

Josephine's Monthly Portrait. Taken in her nursery on the 18th of every month. Or there abouts...

This has been one crazy month. Our little baby suddenly appears to have become a little girl. Her face has changed, her hair's got long and so curly, she's making new sounds and saying new words and she's playing a whole new range of games. Oh, and SHE TOOK HER FIRST STEPS!! Last week her balance became more steady and one day she just took four steps. Then five steps. And everyday since she's become even better at standing on her own, and has been taking little steps here and there. Not quite walking, but soon they'll be no stopping this girl.

It's so amazing to think that this time last year, as we put up our tree and counted down to Christmas, we were yet to meet Josephine. And now here she is, developing into the most awesome of little people.

Her imagination has really kicked in over the last 6 weeks too, and you can find her playing with her toys in a whole new way nowadays. She's feeding her teddies and dolls with a spoon, 'mmmm-ing' and 'num-num-ing' as she does; she reads her books so seriously, chatting away as if she's reading to herself, studying the pictures so carefully.

It is the most wonderful thing to spend my day with Josephine, even better to spend our days all three of us together. Phiney's face lights up when she's sat in bed with Mama and Papa, playing Peepo under the covers and having cuddles a-plenty.

We are so in love with you Josephine. More every minute of everyday. And we love the wonderful, sweet and hilarious person you're becoming.

ps. Jodi...the dungerees finally fit, hooray!


  1. That hair! And those dimples! Gorgeous. Lovely words too. It makes me look forward to when my little one gets to this stage (and I can give her teeny weeny pointy ponytails!!)

  2. This is such a beautiful post - it just sums it all up. Precious times. Love Jx

  3. She looks so grown up! But still just as adorable. Go Josephine! x

  4. Yes, she has changed! Her smile. Dare I say she has a little of her father's smile there?

    Magical times. My youngest (and last) turns three end of January. It's wonderful to savour those weeks, months, and years.


  5. Nell, she truly gets sweeter every month! What a darling. It's amazing how she and Sage look so different and yet they're the same age. Hope the rest of your week is fabulous x