AFTERMATH: the post-christmas clear up

And so begins the sorting. Josephine got a haul of the most wonderful wooden, secondhand and handmade presents as well as some lovely clothes to grow into. But where to put them all....

And it's not just the gifts that need sorting. With several nights of very tricky sleep, it would seem that this little bird just doesn't want the party to end. Here's to a quiet one tonight Phiney, please?!


  1. what a pile of prettiness xx

  2. I'm loving the look of the floral horse in the 2nd pic!
    I too have a mountain of toys to try and find homes for now...January will be a month of sorting and giving away to charity shops I think!
    I too have a baby who is too wired to sleep - here's hoping you get some more Zzz tonight!x

  3. Is that a mini wicker chair? I like to clean the house while I'm still in the christmas frenzy of drunkeness and overexcitement and then waking up on boxing day feeling refreshed. We only cleaned our house yesterday...

  4. the never ending mission of mamas worldwide. finding a place to put everything and finding a way to sleep. am sure both will work out soon. sweet dreams, xx ashley