1. I find myself packing away a neat little pile of too-small clothes every month or so. I try to be ruthless, only keeping hold of the essential basics and extra special pieces for future babies, with the rest making it's way to the charity shop or a lovely friend with three little girls to dress. This little pile is full of those special items that I will always cherish, with this little bonnet and these beautiful shoes especially hard to fold away.
2. Of course with growing comes the discovery of clothing I've been waiting patiently to fit. Vintage and second-hand finds and bargains that were too good to pass. These little t-bar shoes are now fitting perfectly, and just in time as Josephine has started walking holding only one of our hands to steady herself...

3. And it's not just limbs that are growing rapidly. Phiney's curls have gone crazy over the last month and tiny clips and hairbands were a necessity (although trying to find clips not covered in glitter and Hello Kitty was a real mission.) She looks too cute sporting her new accessories, so I'll save that for another post.


  1. those t-bars are too much ! I loved t-bars as a little girl. I think it's nice your keeping so much knitted stuff, now I'm in my 20's my mum still knits things for me, and I even still wear a cardi she knitted for 14-year-old me .. wool lasts ! x

  2. Clips! We still barely need clips here. The worst thing about them growing so fast is the times when you "miss" an outfit - thinking (incorrectly), that it's too big. Kellie xx

    1. Yes! I've missed several things I love, thinking they were still too big for too long. I'll be more vigilant with such matters with the next one!! X

  3. Nothing is better than pulling all of them out again one day, I had forgotten about the feeling of packing them away, but have been filled with joy unpacking the chest of memories to do it all over again. X Ashley

  4. Oh yes...it tugs at my heart strings folding and putting away clothes that don't fit my little ones anymore. Josephine is always dressed in the most charming outfits, that family you give some to are lucky! :) And the ones your keep are treasures. :)

    And I'm with you, when I've peaked at the girl's hair accessory sections at stores, the bubblegum pink and sparkling bows don't draw me in. Those primary color clips are adorable. :)