You may have noticed that right now, this little blog of mine is being featured all over the place...

The ever so lovely Bron asked me to be part of her Meet the Mama series, and my answers are up on her blog now.

Kirsty from Here Comes Baby has featured Josephine's nursery over at Spearmint Baby, where I've shared how to achieve an eclectic vintage space for your child.

And we've also taken part in Charlotte's awesome At Home With series over at her brilliant blog.

Thank you all lovely ladies for asking me to take part. Go check them out :)

Photos of our home by Tori, of course.


  1. I am so proud of you! I'm taking Holly's class again and can't believe its been over 2 years since we 'met' via blogging - love the pic series of you and Ben - so beautiful (and how great is your house??). love stopping by, always makes me smile! x

  2. Good for you. I didn't know any of those blogs and I love the At Home With... series. Josephine's nursery has so many sweet touches. x