The days, and nights, have been busy round here of late. Since our visit to the Dorset coast two weeks ago, we've had day trips to Devon, swimming lessons, days with Nana and Granpy, lunch with Nanny, visits with nephews and fun with Auntie Dora. Once we got home from brunch with Grandpa on Saturday I declared only lazy days for the next week at least. Lucky that was the plan, as on Sunday morning Phiney decided to start the day at 4am. Not what I had planned. After Phiney enjoyed a very quick nap, Ben fetched her from her cot downstairs and snuggled her back in bed with us, where we proceeded to stay for another three hours. Just dozing, drinking tea and playing peepo under the covers.

Then early yesterday morning, Josephine woke up at 4.10am and decided, once again to stay up. There were tired tears at around 5.30am (from her and me) but she finally fell back to sleep sometime after 6 and didn't get up until 7.40am. With Ben at work, we didn't venture past the back garden and filled our day with book reading and cuddles and food and sleep.

Thankfully the amazing, wonderful, beautiful Josephine realised how much her Mama needed her sleep and decided to lie-in until 7am this morning, sleeping 12 hours straight. She's only done that a couple of times, but she always picks a night they're needed most to pull them out of the bag. I'm grateful for that.

Today Phiney also turns 8 months old. I haven't got round to taking her Monthly Portrait pictures yet but I will later. Or tomorrow. For now I'm happy to sit and watch Josephine play with the box of pegs while I demolish a very buttery croissant. Sometimes it's more important to rest and recover and savour the little things than it is to hoover and tidy and venture out the front door.  


  1. I totally agree- sometimes family chill in time is best, Jxx

  2. lazy days are the best, reslish this quiet time xx

  3. sheesh, 4am. that's just silly. Thank goodness she gave you a good lie in after that. And yes, definitely a great idea to have some lazy home days. enjoy!

  4. You're so right, quiet, simple days at home are definitely best after sleepless, more challenging ones :)