TIME: moments in the dark

Over the past few weeks, as the night draws in and Josephine's bedtime arrives, I've found moments of quiet time between the chaos. After a warm, lavender-scented bath and a story, we snuggle on the sofa in the dark; this little rabbit casting a magical glow across the room.

Some nights I sort my thoughts: adding tasks to my (never-ending) to-do list, figuring out new projects, remembering the little things I want to tell Ben over dinner. Once Phiney's tucked up in bed, I climb the stairs and feel motivated and ready for action. Knitting needles start clicking, notepads get written in and The Boy and I make plans.

And then, on other nights, as Josephine begins to feed and her eyes start to shut, I let my head fall backwards and feel my eyes closing too. I give into the quiet and the darkness and I switch off my mind. I forget about things that should have been done today and must get done tomorrow. I relax.

This week, I've felt the same about this space. I've wanted to close my eyes and forget about the posts I've half written or the photos I plan on taking. Things are happening that have taken all my thoughts. I can't really blog about it yet, but it's difficult to write about anything else. So, until meetings have been held and discussions had, things may be a little sporadic round here. Expect plenty of posts labelled 'Random Bits and Bobs'...

ps. apologies for the secretive tone and intrigue. Don't get too excited - for us it's a big deal and the start of a whole new chapter, but I'm not sure how interested anyone else will be! I'd just rather make it all official before I start chatting about it here :)


  1. I for one, and VERY interested!

    I'm so pleased you are getting into the ever changing rhythm. Enjoy it.

    xo me

  2. Sometimes it is so important to gather up ourselves and take the time to really have those deep discussions before letting the whole world in on our plans. We'll be here...waiting and happy to partake in any news you wish to share!

  3. I think it sounds like you're taking a couple of deep breaths before whatever it is (I am intrigued!) .. and a couple of deep breaths are (in my opinion) always wise. I love the sentiment of this post.

    x georgi

  4. I love this post. Simple. Really got me thinking about the importance of planning and pausing and savouring every moment. I enjoy reading your writing so much, it usually gives me something to think about xx

  5. excited for you guys but take your time, its more important to be present and take a few deep breaths when you need it. x

  6. The quiet shut off nights and busy creative ones are equally important. All about balance. Can't wait to hear your news. Xx Ashley

  7. can't wait to hear what's brewing. x