My beautiful anniversary present, hand crafted with love by Ben.

On Tuesday we celebrated our second wedding anniversary with our first date night since Phiney arrived. We put her to bed and headed out, leaving her with Ben's parents. To begin with it was weird, but then it was just lovely. Just us, walking hand in hand to the steakhouse we've been wanting to try out for ages. And man was the steak good. It was such a lovely evening and our baby girl slept the whole way through it all; she didn't even know we were gone.

To my love: the last two years have been the best of my life. And over the last 12 months especially you've astounded me more everyday. You're a beautiful husband and wonderful Papa, and you make your two girls smile a thousand times a day. Thank you for everything you do for me, and us; you'll never know how much I love you and how blessed I am to have you in my life. I am nothing without you, baby. Happy second xxx

Also Happy Birthday Mum (for Tuesday!) Josephine and I spent the afternoon wondering round Lacock in the sunshine with my Mum and it was a lovely day complete with some brilliant vintage finds. We all love you so much and hope you had a wonderful day xxx

ps. Sorry for another blogging gap. My cold developed into a gorgeous bout of sinusitis and I spent a week feeling as though I had been hit in the face with a cricket bat several times. The anti-biotics have kicked in now though, Josephine slept through the night last night and I'm feeling rested and well, at last. Blogging will (hopefully) return to normal now. Thanks again for hanging in there x


  1. Oh oh which steak house.. is it the one on top of milsom street..? umm near that crazy roundabout and opposite the hill/park? (my Bath knowledge is visual!)

    Also - and more importantly - YAY happy anniversary!

    Also - there's some wicked bugs around.. the boy and I are nearly over our 4 week cold.. 2 weeks of hell 2 weeks of just note quite right! hey ho lets hope we've got it out of our systems for the rest of the summer!

    also - I need to email you!!!!! x x x

    And happy birthday Nells Mum!

    done x

    1. Yes, Tori! That's the one - Hudsons. Have you been? So good, right?
      Our cold has taken so long to shake. Thankfully it was only me with the Sinusitis, but Ben's cold hung around for about 3 weeks too.
      Definitely email me - we need to talk dates! We're so excited about it all.
      Have an awesome Jubilee weekend - you have any patriotic plans?! xxxx

  2. I cant decide if these past two years have gone quickly or if your wedding seems like ages ago..I blame Phiney's arrival for the confusion..She's growing up too fast!

    Congratulations to you both!!

    xx xx xx

    1. I know! The first year zipped by, but so much has happened in the last year it seems longer in many ways! xx

  3. What a beautiful gift. How sweet?
    Happy anniversary : )

  4. Such a nice gift! Happy Anniversary to you both. x

  5. That Ben is a keeper! Happy 2 (very productive - hehe) years love cats. xx

  6. What a lovely gift! Sounds like you had a much deserved wonderful date together. Happy Anniversary. Ooh, inspired by you (and others) I've ventured into the world of blogging too: http://lucydevenish-art.blogspot.co.uk/. Have a lovely long weekend xx