Lovely ladies Lou (who has an awesome giveaway going on right now btw) and Maria passed the Sunshine Award to me over the last week, so to celebrate all the sunshine we've been having, here are my answers...

Favourite colour: Green, but I'm partial to a bit of mustard yellow too.
Favourite animal: Don't hate me but I don't like animals, really. Sorry about that. Thankfully I married someone who feels the same. Josephine my darling, you'll be lucky if you're allowed a rabbit when you're older. Sorry poppet!
Non-alcoholic drink: Sparkling Elderflower. When we were younger my Grandma used to call it 'children's wine' and gave it to us in fancy glasses at family dinners.
Facebook or Twitter: Facebook I suppose, because I have an account, but I'm rubbish at updating it. I don't understand Twitter.
Getting or giving presents: Giving. Love the browsing, the buying, the wrapping. Love it all. But that's not to say I don't like a present or two myself...
Favourite flower: Peonies.
Favourite pattern: Stripes or teeny tiny floral, Liberty-style.
Favourite number: 7 and 18.
Favourite day: Love that Friday feeling. 5.30pm when Ben is on his way home and we have the whole weekend in front of us.
Passion: Being a wife and Mama, crafting, thrifting, knitting, blogging, anything vintage, photography, eating and making our home feel happy and look pretty.

And I'm passing this on to...


  1. Thanks Nell! Peonies such a gorgeous flower...just a bit of rain sadly makes them shatter...so delicate. I hear ya with your passions...same! xx

  2. Friday 5.30 is definitely a lovely time! I do not understand twitter either, not convinced I should bother with it just yet!

  3. I started using twitter when I was breastfeeding - mainly tweeting in the middle of the night, I loved it, was nice to know that I wasn't the only one up at 3am! I'd recommend it...

    1. This is true! The iPhone was the best purchase before Josephine was born, id be lost without it during feeds! Xx

  4. After leaving this comment I went on to read another blog Tigerlilly Quinn - and she has just posted about how all her new Mummy friends have been made on twitter!

  5. where the hell have i been? i've missed like 547 posts (okay 3 but still... like I feature in two of them!!??)

    spending the evening at your place

    xo em

    1. Ha! You're welcome here whenever you're free lady. Always LOVE you hilarious comments xxx

  6. Ha! I feel exactly the same way about Friday arvos. I hope today was a good one : ) HAppy weekending! xx

  7. thanks for the sunshine lady. xoxo

  8. I am a green lady too. Love the sunshine and THANK YOU!