Finally getting round to posting some of my beautiful Christmas presents; this year I really scored, with pieces from lovely shops and designers.

It's not hard to work out what my two favourite colours are right now, although I have to admit it wasn't until I gathered everything to take these pictures that I realised to what extent. And the blue velvet cushion? I bought the makings for that with some Christmas money after this lady inspired me with these beauties. I would have chosen it in green or pink (I'm also loving a bit of neon right now) but the fabric shop near us is hardly velvet central. The blue looks pretty rockin' on our bed though I have to say, and I'm pleased with my first attempt at a round cushion.

The Boy did especially well with my awesome Donna Wilson cushion and Scandinavian style wooden bird, but my favourite present has to be Rob Ryan's A Sky Full of Kindness. I read it on Christmas Day morning as we lazed around in bed and it's the most beautiful story. I am thankful everyday that I have Ben, now more than ever, and can never quite believe that I lucked out in finding him. A girl has to treasure a boy whose present choices are so spot on.

AND still to come ... a few Paumes books and the new Milk Decoration from this newly discovered and absolutely brilliant online store, courtesy of my Mum. I like to spread the receiving of gifts out a bit!


  1. Such gorgeous things! I love the scarf in particular. Where's it from?

    Kathrine x

  2. Thanks Kathrine...both from the local Christmas market when it was visiting I'm afraid. No labels or anything, just lucky finds.

    Loving the new hair colour too btw xx

  3. Sweet gifts for a sweet lady! Love all the vibrant colours of each item. I would happily take them all into my home. And that book sounds awesome. Might just buy it for a friend of mine who is expecting and have a quick naughty read before giving it away!

  4. What gorgeous gifts and lovely colour to get you through the rest of winter. I love, love, love the cushion - Ben did super-well!

  5. Great stuff. Especially the house-cushion.
    I got two Paumes books for christmas and I love them. I still want the Finnish edition though :)

  6. Gorgeous stuff Nell. I am very jealous of the house cushion - been eyeing that one up for a long time - lucky lady :)
    p.s. The nursery is looking fab xx

  7. lovely cheerful colours for the new year...love rob ryan...my sister gave us one of his screenprints for our engagement and it's one of my most favourite things in the house.

    ....you feeling like it's close? Thinking of you and your Capricorn baby.

  8. lovely christmas loot, Nell! He's definitely a keeper, that husbie of yours!

    Love the round cushion...and the nursery is gorgeous. Lets see more!! xx

  9. What is that amazing yellow zebra print thing? I'm not 100% sure but I know I want one! Kellie xx

  10. Ha! Kellie it's a scarf. Amazing, right!! Xx

  11. That scarf and the Rob Ryan book - heaven - pure heaven!

  12. Gorgeous gifts!

    Ive just got the Rob Ryan book too and I love it, its now sitting near the lovely Rob Ryan ceramic tile (it says 'Our Adventure is about to Begin') some friends bought as a baby gift for the nursery.