You've got to commend my Dad on the awesomeness of the random gifts you get at Christmas nowadays. As well as the beautiful necklace (gold and silver combo, a bird and a tree - what more do you need?) were two issues of Pins and Needles magazine, a Viyella Nursery pattern book and The Pictorial Guide to Modern Home Knitting, which you have to admire for the name alone. There are patterns a-plenty that will be getting stitched up asap for Baby and for around the house. Thanks Papa. x

And so, I reckon this will be the last post from round these parts for now. Come Friday we have 10 blissful days of Ben being at home so we're looking forward to food, fun and plenty of long and lazy lie-ins, rubbing this massive belly of mine. Our last Christmas just me and The Boy.

I hope that you have the most beautiful of Christmas' and that 2012 brings amazing adventures for you all. Thanks for reading this year, I love every comment and I can't wait to share our journey as parents with this awesome little community.

See you on the other side,
Nell xxx


  1. Fantastic presents indeed! The card is very sweet too.

    Enjoy your time together and have a lovely Christmas. :)

  2. Nice one Dad!

    Happy Christmas you two and we'll see you *three* here early next year!!

    P.S - pace yourself on Christmas Day! Last year I was about as pregnant as you are now and spent half the day sooooo very uncomfortable!! The pudding just tips you over the edge! ;)

    just a heads up! :)


  3. Nell how EXCITING! Best of luck and lots of love to you. xxxx.

  4. What a great Dad! My Dad also gives me old knitting patterns and magazines. I just read in your last post that you are waiting to find out whether your baby is a girl or a boy, not many people do that these days. I did that with my son and it really is the best surprise ever!

  5. What a lovely dad you have - he knows you well! Have a wonderful Christmas time, you and your boy. So excited for your year ahead! Enjoy every moment :) xxx

  6. Have a wonderful Xmas Nell and Ben. Your last as a family of two! I can't believe that the next time I visit here there could be a gorgeous little bub up there. Ahhh! Take care of yourself and ALL THE BEST for the special day. I can't wait. xx

  7. Claire - Good, good tip! I've been noticing that I can now eat less and less in one sitting so I'll have to choose wisely when selecting what to munch on Christmas Day. It's all about the roast potatoes for me so I'll get those down first. These are important things to consider - right? xx

  8. wow, your dad has awesome taste, nell! hope you have a wonderful christmas with your boy. look forward to catching up with you again when we both have our wee ones in our arms. hoorah!

  9. That's a dad who knows his gal!

    Merry Xmas to you Nell and Ben! I can't believe that your bump journey is already almost over. It's been lovely watching your grow that belly. May you have a restful and peaceful time off with you love ones before the biggest (and bestest!) adventure begins.

    Bisous forts xx

  10. Is it odd that I feel so excited to read your next post because it'll most likely be the one exclaiming 'it's a boy/girl!!!'
    If it is odd then I don't care :)
    Thank you for sharing your bump with us, your beautiful work and lovely, lovely pictures.
    So much love to you and your almost family of three at this very exciting time!!. Xx

  11. Happy Christmas Nell - your last one just you and your man! I'll be constantly checking here for news - I'm so excited for you, the next few weeks are going to be the most crazy and beautiful of your life. xo

  12. Merry Christmas Nell I too am wearing a gold/silver combo necklace my hubby bought me for our anniversary last week.

    Enjoy this special time in your lives just you and your boy and I look forward to sharing some news with you in the New year.....if not before????

  13. Happy xmas lovely Nell. Hope you have a magical day and can't wait to see you and your newest little famly member here next year! xxx