Bump Day. 33 weeks down.

Sorry for the total lack of blogging over the last week. It’s been a tough one and I’ve got to say that the full time work and rather disturbed, restless sleep is a tricky combo that is taking its toll. Evenings have been spent doing pretty boring bits and bobs around the house and it’s all been rather uninspiring from a blog post point of view. Still, less than three weeks left of work and the newbie starts on Monday so I’ll be happily passing plenty of work his way…to give him lots of practice and not because I’m feeling lazy, obviously.

While all this is going on outside the bump, the baby is clearly having a lovely time mooching around inside. Over the last week we’ve had hiccups (three nights in a row) and some dancing too, when B played it some music. A Jurassic Five track with a Cuban beat seemed to get the biggest reaction. Happy things that make little sleep and achy hips all worthwhile.

While I'm trying not to focus too hard on specific dates (I swear no woman on my side of the family has ever had their baby early or on time) the board on our fridge offers a pretty cool countdown that B changes every day and every week. Roughly 49 days until we meet you little bird.


  1. LOVE you bump dressed in grey! I can understand you are looking forward to your maternity leave. I remember how hard those last few days at work were, but the commuting especially was killing me. Sitting at home nesting away is way more fun at 8 months of pregnancy! xx
    ps: Can't believe your bubba is almost here - yay!

  2. ps: we should both be in bed (me especially being one hour ahead!). Night night pretty mama! Zzzzz...zzzz

  3. at 33 weeks pregnant your are excused from blogging. ha!

  4. You never know, bubba might be on time. I went into labor on Cohen's due date and had him the next day. Though I was always told that first babies come late. :)

  5. so a 2012 babe...hang in there it's right around the corner. x

  6. oh the next few weeks will fly by.

    remember that it will be the last few weeks as just the two of you. forever. so go out to dinner, see some movies, go on a few special dates...

    before you become 3 xxx

  7. Hey Nell, I couldn't believe how much my hips ached in the night time when I was pregnant. I used to wake up from the pain and hobble around the bedroom. Think it might be natures way of preparing us for having broken nights of sleep! Lovely pic of your bump x

  8. Jodi - that is so true. In all the excitement it's easy to forget. I'm off to make some date night plans x

    Amy - The hip pain is killer! Glad i'm not alone in that one. I spend the whole night moving from one side to the next. And back again. xx

  9. On the home stretch now mama!

    YES! Jodi is right. Go out as much as you can love birds. Dinner, movies...anything. Just the 2 of you. xxx

  10. Oh Nell, only 7 weeks to go! I know I but one of many who are so excited to meet your little bird. Take it easy (I recommend warm baths if you have one) and a cup of milk with hot water and a drop of rosewater (a turkish nightcap) helps me sleep a bit easier xx

  11. Oh, look at that delightful bump! It looks very purty in grey ;)

    I'm with Jodi - definitely plan some loved-up dates with your man. Mark and I didn't get a chance to do much of this in the last weeks of pregnancy, as we were hurrying to get the house renovations completed (and they still aren't even close to being finished, so I wish we didn't bother now!), and the longest we've been alone since Everly was born is 1.5 hours! I would LOVE to go out to dinner with him, or see a movie... so go do it - NOW! :)

    I also had BAD hip pain from around week 8 onwards, and it got worse and worse, until I saw a chiropractor who did pelvic adjustments every week. It was amazing! My sleep improved immensely (I still had to get up to pee four or five times, but that's another story!). Also, massage helped too - I tried to have one fortnightly, and then weekly in the last few weeks. It all adds up dollar-wise, but it's so worth it if you can afford it!

    Oh, and get onto some raspberry leaf tea soon too - it tones your uterus :)


  12. looking like a lovely baby bump. such an exciting countdown. hope the final few weeks of work slip by quickly so you can get your feet up and relax.

    rachel xo